Tailored coaching for mothers who want to build a successful work life centered around motherhood and family.

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How it works

As a certified professional coach and experienced leadership and talent development professional, I offer a suite of individualized 1:1 coaching packages. My skillset integrates life, career and leadership coaching, depending on your needs.

60-min 1:1 coaching calls
These calls are all about YOU. This is where most of the work happens. It’s where we plan, commit, reflect and engage in deep introspection and where the actual coaching happens. We’ll create a plan for your vision, goals and priorities in life and work on executing that vision. Most sessions are over before you know it and will leave you with a fresh set of ideas and a positive mindset!
Commitments and coaching on-the-go
Most coaching sessions will end with commitments you agree to based upon your goals and bigger vision and what came up during the coaching process. This is where you will put in the work and put things into action. If you ever need some extra accountability or need to briefly run an idea or question by me, I offer on-the-go coaching via email or text.
Community & Resources
I will provide you with exercises and additional resources to support your growth journey. I am also happy to match you with other moms in my community to build your network, support each other as peers with the same goals and make new friends.

Friendly Words From Clients

What clients have to say about working with me:

Working with Julia has been such a blessing. She has a unique way of guiding me through complex decisions and thoughts. What feels confusing becomes clearer and I am able to take confident and focused action. She is insightful and nonjudgmental. She helped me develop clear and consistent messaging for my business while simultaneously helping me feel less overwhelmed.

Heather Murillo
Teacher & Business Owner, California, USA

What you can expect:


Get Started

Start with a free assessment

Take a 360 look at your life and rate your current level of satisfaction in 8 core areas. This will give you a starting point as to where you have room to grow and explore.

1:1 Coaching Tailored To Your Needs

By now you’ll be aware that motherhood can be a difficult time. You’re finding yourself in a completely new situation with much of it out of your control. You’re feelings and opinions may have changed and – what day is it again?!

I know because I’ve been there. 

And now I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way!

Becayse motherhood can also be a wonderful time for self-exploration and transformation. Many women, like myself, find that becoming a mother motivates them to make bold moves, become more confident and cut ties with what hasn’t served them before.

Transitioning to motherhood has shown me what I truly desire in life, what my values are and kicked me out of my comfort zone to finally create the life of my dreams.

Let me help you get there, too. Book a free 30-minute consult with me to talk about your biggest dreams and let’s create a roadmap for you together!

Your Investment

I currently offer two packages for 1:1 clients to get you from where you are right now to where you want to be.

6 sessions to help you achieve greater balance between work, family and passion over the course of 6-16 weeks.


/ pay in full

6 one-on-one coaching sessions at 60 minutes each.

10 sessions to help you achieve greater balance between work, family and passion over the course of 10-24 weeks.


/ pay in full

10 one-on-one coaching sessions at 60 minutes each.

Common Qs And As:

1. Is coaching the right choice for me?
A coach will be your cheerleader and guide while listening deeply and focusing on your individual needs in a non-judgmental space. Most of us don’t get that kind of support anywhere else in our lives. If you book a consult with me, we will dive into your goals and aspirations and look at what you want from life to figure out whether coaching is right for you or you need different kind of support.
2. Do I need coaching or therapy?
If you are unsure about that, please book a free consult with me and we can figure out what kind of support is right for you. Coaches are not licensed mental health professionals and coaching is not therapy. Many clients, however, can profit from doing therapy and coaching simultaneously. Coaching can feel therapeutic to many people, however it is quite different from therapy!
3. What is the coaching process like?
We will start by taking a deep dive into your current life. Often, clients already come with a list of goals they want to achieve but it is not necessary. Coaching is a dynamic process and often new topics will emerge throughout the process or priorities change. During our coaching relationship, we will set up a roadmap for you, leave you with actionable steps each session and adjust whenever we need to. Most of all, it’s 60 minutes that are 100% about YOU and that should leave you feeling light and inspired!
4. What are your qualifications?
In brief: I am a trained Co-Active Coach, a certified Life Coach, trained Positive Intelligence practitioner and hold a Master's degree in Education. I am a member of the International Coaching Federation and working towards my PCC credential. I meet with my own coach every 3-4 weeks to work on myself and my coaching repertoire and have 7 years of international HR experience under my belt.
5. Who do you work with?
I work with mothers in all stages of life: expecting moms, new moms, working moms, moms in leadership positions, mompreneurs, SAHMs, and generally mothers who are ready to commit to change.
6. Can you guarantee results?
I wish I could! Coaching heavily relies on the participation of the client and you will get out of it what you put in. As a coach, I believe that the answers to your problems are already within you – and I will help you get to the bottom of them! Coaching will be a success if you are open and honest during the process, stay committed to change and have a strong desire to grow.
7. Do you offer discounts or refunds?
No refunds can be given on services rendered but you can cancel remaining coaching sessions within one week's notice and get a refund. I offer sliding scale discounts (Income: 0-50k USD=50%, income: 50-75K USD=25%). Please inquire during our initial consult to figure out if a discount is available to you.
8. What do I do if I have more questions?
You can reach out to me via email julia[at] or simply book a free consult to talk more.

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