I help mothers redefine the rules of what it means to be a professional mom, with confidence, empathy and unwavering support. 

Moms, we can’t keep pretending like this is working for us.

Societal and cultural expectations, misinformation and hustle culture lead us to doubt ourselves as mothers and to mistrust our instincts.

After 7 years in the corporate world, climbing the career ladder from small NGO jobs to being a professional at the United Nations HQ in New York, I unexpectedly became a mom. As someone who had always identified with “job_title” or “insert_organization”, I suddenly felt like my world had turned upside down. I had to re-discover myself, overcome fears and doubts, align with new values, and figure out how I wanted to show up as a mother and professional moving forward.

Matrescence has led me to quit the 9-5 life and start my own coaching practice in support of women and motherhood. Through my work, I support mothers striving to balance the responsibilities of motherhood with a demanding career, so they can thrive in the most important season of life.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible community. I’m honored to have you here, and I can’t wait to witness your journey. Because motherhood matters.

You can continue living by other people's rules. Or you can take radical responsibility for your choices and start living a life you truly desire.

Facts about me

Some of the things that define my approach and my mission.

My Core Belief:

Mothers should be able to spend as much time with their young children as they want, regardless of policies and arbitrary rules.

My Heart Belongs To:

My daughter, my son (not yet earthside) and my husband. Together, we live life in the beautiful NYC suburbs.

My Ultimate Goals In Life Is:

I want to help as many women achieve their dream vision of life - while living my own, being the owner of my time and my work.


Friendly Words From Clients

What clients have to say about working with me:

After only two appointments with Julia, I reached some interesting and important self-insights, that I need to take into account and apply daily to effectively achieve my objectives. I have overcome the cringe of doing something I didn’t want to do (especially when it means making my voice heard) and doing the actual work to achieve my goals. I have become more familiar with what I feel and I own what I want.

Gender & Resource Mobilization Consultant, UNAIDS Uzbekistan

I’d love to talk to you in a free 30-minute consult to figure out what your ideal life would look like and how we can partner to reach your goals.